A Romantic dinner

- By candlelight and with farm products -

Kitchen Reserved for our guests

Always open

We serve dinner at 20.00

The cost is €25 per person

Kitchen Vegetarian

We are fortunate to have a "clean" environment, naturally suited to organic farming

The territory offers unique products, starting with Parmigiano Reggiano, porcini mushrooms from Borgotaro and Albareto recognized as IGP (protected geographical identification). In addition to these products that need no introduction, our kitchen uses only materials of the highest value for quality and because they are grown organically. They are directly produced on the farm or locally sourced and we use them for a cuisine linked to the territory, but paying attention to the new needs of a healthy life starting with nutrition.

In the company you will see directly where what we serve is grown and transformed.


100% guaranteed organic

Real food

Quality and authenticity

House of Herbs it is not a restaurant or a trattoria with the word Agriturismo outside but it wants to let those who are skeptical try the flavors and tastes of a Italian vegetarian cuisine. The menu is fixed having only eight tables and simply wants to show how it is possible to give up animal proteins without giving up satiety and nutrition.

we have few suppliers and they are all certified companies


six hectares cultivated in a certified organic regime for over 20 years

we have been following biodynamic practices for the past 4 years

if you want to discover a healthy diet

Come and visit us

Certified organic
1 %
Business subjects
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Even breakfast includes all organic as we use our flours and jams.

We use little butter to ensure lightness and the little sugar needed is always organic

Each room has its own dedicated table

dining room