Organic, eco-sustainable and self-produced

A vegetarian cuisine different from the "usual"


Eco-sustainable is an increasingly common term:

On a farm our dream is to achieve food self-sufficiency. The few raw materials that we do not produce directly on site come from small local farms. all strictly under biological / biodynamic control.

One of the main advantages in self-producing food in addition to quality and genuineness is the fact that it does not produce waste from packaging and containers.

As conservation of raw materials for the winter periods we use refrigeration after rapid lowering of the temperature to guarantee unaltered organoleptic qualities.

If you are looking for a real farm


We offer a diet that respects the animal world but more generally all of nature!

It is often not considered that using raw materials that are grown on other continents creates an aggression against our planet!

Vegetarian dishes

The nature that surrounds us offers us everything we need.

Why use raw materials that have to be transported by ships across the oceans when everything we need can be produced around us? I would not be able to give an answer ... .. We use raw materials grown in our company or in companies in our area to minimize handling. Many vegetarian and vegan menus are based on raw materials imported from non-European countries where the rules regarding organic certifications are much less strict than ours.

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A new concept of Vegetarian Cuisine

Hence the birth of a self-sustainable cuisine in our Agriturismo. We only buy organic coffee and sugar abroad but we are "working" to reduce these movements as well: we already have a small production of honey that we will expand shortly.