Organic Farm

WE GROW, TRANSFORM AND SERVE. We have been offering wellness holidays for over 15 years

Not organic for fashion but for passion.

Not only the farm with its cultivated raw materials (80%) but also the food purchased (about 20%) are all certified organic.

Kitchen Vegetarian

The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines are still "uncontaminated" and therefore naturally "organic"

Very often and more and more in recent times when the need to return to more natural crops and products pushes the search for organic, we read the words "Organic Farm" many times but in reality it is only the farm that is certified Organic while some raw materials bought outside are not.

In addition to our productions controlled and certified by the CODEX External Organization since 1997 we are concerned with purchasing the other raw materials always with the certainty of being able to serve organic food therefore: sugar, coffee, wine etc ... are 100% guaranteed to be from organic farming.

Real food

Quality and authenticity

We carry on our idea of offering only Organic products but we do not consider absolutely "negative" people who do not identify with this idea, especially considering that we often have little trust in "stamps".

In our farm, however, everything is verifiable and can be touched by hand.

So if you are, let's say “skeptics”, it could be a good opportunity to visit us.

L"agency"organic farming

Visible crops Organic practices are not necessarily environmentally friendly! In addition to being organic, our cuisine is eco-sustainable

we have been following biodynamic practices for the past 4 years

If you are looking for an organic farmhouse where you can really see how the raw materials used for the preparation of the dishes are grown

Come and visit us

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