Brugnoli Organic Mountain Parmesan

The Organic Parmesan that we use in the Agriturismo is produced in a company a few kilometers from us.

The Brugnoli certified organic farm allows us to bring a product of excellence to the table.

Why do we only supply ourselves from them?

Because it is a short-term company! What does it mean?

They do everything in the company:

  • They have their own pets
  • They make their own hay
  • They have their own dairy


They only use their certified organic milk and are in a mountain area where the air is really clean!

The farm with free-standing animals guarantees a very high level of welfare for the animals.

During your holiday in our organic farm, a day should certainly be dedicated to a visit to the Brugnoli dairy where you can see all the stages of processing.

The company is located in the municipality of Bardi where the famous fortress of Bardi is located.