The following all organic raw materials enter our kitchen:

"Real farm"

The following all organic raw materials enter our kitchen:

Company raw materials

all organic and certified

Wheat and Spelled

of ancient varieties that we re-sow every year, harvest and grind directly on the farm for the preparation of bread, pasta, quiches, sweets and biscuits.

Organic corn

sown approximately every year in May and harvested in October, the cobs are dried immediately but shelled and ground only when we prepare polenta, some biscuits and inside some vegetable pies.

Vegetables from our garden

all rigorously organic, the varieties we grow are many and it would be a really long and perhaps boring list ... I invite you to see some pictures of our organic garden

Fruits and small fruits

red and black currants, apples, pears, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries

Our officinal herbs

used in the kitchen: borage, nettle, calendula, fennel, cumin, scalrea sage, officinal sage, nepetella, thyme, mint, acacia flowers, elderberry, wild garlic. etc ....

Eggs from our hens.

Our honey.

Products from external companies:

Selected companies

Fundamental raw materials for a healthy diet

For an organic holiday

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