Sow organic tomatoes

How to select, store and sow your tomatoes?

Here are some simple guidelines on how to become dependent by using plant seeds already grown in the same microclimate where we are going to plant our tomatoes again.

Using pinet seeds already adapted to our environment we will certainly have healthier plants that will give more balanced fruits.


By dynamizing the Cornoletamente (biodynamic product) and taking a seed bath we will give a notable stimulus to our seeds both as germination and as a vital impulse. 

This "push" will accompany the plant throughout its life cycle.

What is needed:

Cornoletamente or 501

Spring water (without chlorine) at 37 ° degrees

Add some 501 and dynamize for about 20 minutes creating and destroying the vortex

Here are our plants that slowly grow, when they are already about 7/8 cm high and well formed we will rip them back into jars.

Sowing self-produced organic tomatoes